BLOG UPDATE: The Future For Now

Hello Facebook, Twitter, G+, and other social platforms I am here to talk to you about the future of this blog. No I am not quitting writing up news and other stuff, but what I will be doing is going on a year long hiatus. I know that seems a bit extreme but it is the truth. The reason behind this hiatus is due to me taking exams next June which will decide what I am doing in the future in regards to college, I am seventeen going on eighteen by the way, this will therefore take up a lot of time and work towards my studies. So this blog here will have to be put on the backburner for awhile.

But, and this is a big but, it does not mean I will completely not report on current movie and TV news! My plan, not set in stone yet, is utilise what's around ie my Facebook page and other social media accounts which I'll link to down below. I will be posting trailers, news, and other stuff for you there so you will be all caught up.

Now let's talk after the hiatus, I have some exciting plans for this blog after my hiatus is over in regards to expansion and not the aggressive kind, and possibly more afterwards. For now these plans are kept secret until I have a solid plan to release online, all I will say is look up ColliderVideo on YouTube, something along those lines.

So here are my social networky things:


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