DC Comics has announced that Matt Ryan, who starred as the title character on NBC's short-lived DC Comics drama, will reprise his role on an episode of Arrow's fourth season.

Ryan's John Constantine — who struggles with his faith as he is haunted by the sins of his past and suddenly is thrust into the role of defending humanity from the gathering forces of darkness — will guest-star in the fifth episode of Arrow's fourth season, titled "Haunted."

According to a description sent by The CW, Constantine will provide valuable support to Oliver (Stephen Amell) when arrows just won't suffice.

"We are thrilled to have Matt Ryan reprise the role of John Constantine on an upcoming episode of Arrow. Matt is an incredibly talented actor and his portrayal of this beloved character was always something we admired," said Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim in a statement. "The introduction of magic and mysticism on the show this season has provided a truly organic opportunity for us to bring John Constantine to Arrow and the CW’s DC universe. It will be a well-deserved tip of the hat to all the Constantine fans who were so incredibly supportive of that series."

Guggenheim has revealed even talked more details with TV Insider about what's to come when the DC Universe's resident Hellblazer visits Star City. Describing it as a "one-time only deal", Guggenheim had this to say about how Constantine's arrival will shake things up. "Each year on the show, we have added and expanded the mythology with different elements. In Season 2 we introduced the idea of superpowers, last year brought in the League of Assassins, and for Season 4, we always had a plan to introduce magic and mysticism. We were already swimming in those waters and that's why Constantine is this great organic little development."

All this talk about Constantine appearing being a one-time thing doesn't make much sense. After all, Warner Bros. can do what they like with the character because they own the rights, so unless Matt Ryan is keen to move on from the role and wants to play John one last time as a farewell to fans, you have to believe that he could reappear somewhere down the line. For whatever reason, it doesn't sound that way though. "This is something the fans were clamoring for," says Guggenheim before praising DC for being "magnanimous and generous in giving us this one-time dispensation. The trench coat, the tie, the shirt...the whole wardrobe is being taken out for storage and shipped up to Vancouver." The clothes aren't all Constantine is bringing with him as one of the director's of that now cancelled series - John Badham - is set to helm this episode. "He is familiar with Constantine and Matt Ryan, so it’s a wonderful combination," Guggenheim adds.

So, what brings Constantine to Star City anyway? The executive producer didn't want to give too much away, but teased that it will come from the fallout of Sara Lance being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. "Unlike Thea, who wasn’t fully dead, the consequences of using the pit on someone as dead as Sara was creates some unforeseen difficulties...and John Constantine is uniquely suited to help our team deal with those." 

The news comes after Arrow star Amell offered to guest on Constantine if the drama were to see a second season — anywhere. Star Ryan, meanwhile, responded with enthusiasm and noted that it would be a "real pleasure to explore these guys' dynamic."

Ryan followed up the announcement with a video message to fans.

Like Arrow, Constantine hailed from Warner Bros. Television. The series completed its 13-episode run in February before being canceled at NBC in May. The DC Comics adaptation of Hellblazer concluded with 3 million total viewers and was paired with veteran Grimm as NBC continued to try to find a good companion for the genre show. Despite rumors of the David S. Goyer drama moving to corporate sibling Syfy, Warners was unable to find a new home for the DC Comics series after its May cancellation. The efforts failed, showrunner Daniel Cerone said in June, and the executive producer thanked fans in a heartfelt blog post in which he revealed the cast and creators had been released from their contracts.

"I promised I'd share news when I had it — sadly, that news is not good," he wrote. "The cast and writers of Constantine are being released from their contracts. The studio tried to find a new home for the show, for which we're forever grateful, but those efforts didn't pan out. I'm sorry, I wasn't provided any information on the attempts to sell the show elsewhere. All I can report is that the show is over."

Arrow's new season premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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