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San Diego Prepares For Arrival Of King Kong And Tom Hiddleston

With San Diego Comic-Con being just around the corner and fast approaching both Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are announcing through Deadline that they will be making a Hall H appearance for their upcoming epic Kong: Skull Island with Tom Hiddleston included.

Deadline are reporting that The Night Manager star will be in Hall H as Captain James Conrad. The pic will be featured prominently as part of Warner Bros’ Comic-Con presentation, which looks to also be loaded with DC teasers — if past SDCCs are any indication. No word yet whether Kong: Skull Island co-stars John Goodman, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson or John C. Reilly will be there, though most of them are Comic-Con alums and fan faves.

Kong: Skull Island, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, will open March 10, 2017.

Source: Deadline

JK Simmons On Why He Has Gotten So Jacked For Justice League

A month or so ago JK Simmons' personal trainer shared photos of him in the gym pushing the metal, gaining the muscle, and becoming jacked like Ben Affleck if not more. Many rightly assumed it was for his role for Justice League which is Gotham's Commissioner Gordon, but were amazed at how buff he had gotten for it.

Recently however JK talked to Business Insider and explained why he looks more like Superman's fun uncle and not like the average Joe like Gordon. "This is all coincidental," Simmons explained, while doing press for the Blu-ray release of "Kung Fu Panda 3," in which he voices the villain, Kai. "After the second and final time that I got hugely fat in my life and when I lost that weight six or seven years ago, I pretty much decided that I was going to stay in decent shape for the rest of my life."

The photos were actually taken at the end of April. He has since shaved the beard, which was for his role in the movie his wife wrote and…

Karen Fukuhara On Playing Katana For Suicide Squad

Much like any samurai warrior, Katana, is in the shadows at least in the trailers for Suicide Squad. But besides that she is played by the beautiful actress, Karen Fukuhara, who had a chat with Playboy recently about her character.

“As a first-generation Japanese American, I’ve always wanted to play a samurai warrior like my Suicide Squad character, Katana. Samurai are almost always male, so growing up in America I had a hard time figuring out role models," Karen explained.

"Katana and I may not have the same personality, but coming from the same cultural upbringing, we share core values. In Japanese culture there’s this idea of putting others before yourself, but I’ve also never wanted to let myself down. Someone recently told me how refreshing it is to see an Asian woman as a superhero. That stuck with me. Stand up for yourself and what you love.”

See Karen and the rest of the Skwad in cinemas August 5th.

Source: Playboy

DC Films' Suicide Squad Beating The Likes Of Rogue One In Hype

With a very unique marketing push and multiple fan-bases for each actor clamouring to see it, it should be no surprise that Suicide Squad is an anticipated film of this summer and to an extent this year. But shockingly, in a good way for DC Films, it is being more talked about and a more wanted film than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and also Star Trek. According to ComScore Skwad generated the most social media conversations at 66K last week, beating other highly anticipated movies such as Disney’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Dec. 16) and Warner Bros.’ own Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Nov. 18). All data is for the period of June 17-23.

In addition, Suicide Squad‘s total conversations on Pre-Act at 1.3M are beating the buzz on Paramount’s threequel Star Trek Beyond which opens on July 22 by close to three-fold, Sony’s Ghostbusters on July 15 by 1.65 times, Warner Bros.’ upcoming Independence Day weekend release The Legend of Tarzan by close to 12-fo…

Warner Bros. Television Set To Bring 21 Shows To SDCC '16

Warner Bros. Television is bringing their whole arsenal of television shows to this years San Diego Comic Con. They are showing off 21 shows in total. From WBTV’s upcoming lineup there are screenings and panels for its Berlanti Production of Archie Comics adaptation Riverdale, as well as the DC Comics half hour NBC comedy series Powerless starring Vanessa Hudgens. In addition, there’s the upcoming fall TBS half hour comedy series from Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels, People of Earth about a group of alien abductees.  There’s also the CW TV series adaptation of the New Line movie Frequency about a daughter and deceased father who reunite supernaturally two decades following his untimely death. ABC midseason show Time After Time based on the 1979 novel and movie follows 19th century scholar H.G. Wells who chases Jack the Ripper in a time machine to present-day New York City which is not what it seems. Saturday is huge day for WBTV with a bulk of its block comprised of its DC Comic shows…

Suicide Squad's Runtime Revealed(?); Time To Reminisce About The Previews

With the hotly anticipated summer film just around the corner, some like me have been wondering how long it will be. Will it be a two and half hour epic or a more modest ninety plus minute small scale story? Well Collider are reporting that they have the info on how long it'll be. They are saying that Suicide Squad will have a runtime of 130 minutes with credits included. Recently Ayer tweeted that the film is indeed done and waiting to be released in August, so it wouldn't surprise me that the running time would be sourced out to the likes of Collider.

Squad is completed! Finished final mix and coloring. Now it's off to the lab and then the world. Nothing like it out there. It.Is.a.Beast. — David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) June 24, 2016
For me it is a perfect time-slot for Skwad as its nature being an ensemble film with a more linear story, I assume, makes sense that it'll be just little over two hours. Unlike other films like Batman v Superman which had many moving par…

Ezra Miller Will Bring The Humour To Justice League And To The DCEU

A lot of people have criticized DC for making dour films such as Batman v Superman, and some believe that this will be the eternal tone for the DCEU as a whole with no light among its stark canvas. However it is for a definite that the dawn is arriving and will stay for a long time, the dawn being The Flash played by Ezra Miller!

Talking in a recent interview with IGN,LEGO Movie directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord weighed in on why the newly announced director for The Falsh, Rick Famuyiwa,  was tapped to take over and what they think he'll bring to the table. "We work with Rick and have been developing a pilot with him for a little while and are really big fans of his and Dope," Lord says. "I think he's a rad choice." Miller meanwhile would echo those sentiments, adding: "He's going to do a great job on it."

Interestingly, they went on to reveal that they weren't the ones responsible for bringing some humour to the DC Films Universe thr…

Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman And What Type Of Dynamic The Justice League Will Have

It is safe to say that while for some Batman v Superman was not the greatest, many came out of the film rooting for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and not just her character but also her upcoming solo film in 2017. Much of her solo film will show a more naive Diana Prince in comparison to her present day counter-part.

During a recent visit to the Justice League set, Gal Gadot shared some thoughts on the big differences between the Wonder Woman solo and Justice League/Batman v Superman, in regards to her character.

"(laughs), she's kind of uh bipolar, uh no, she's well, the Wonder Woman we see in the Justice League is similar to the Wonder Woman that we saw in BVS. The Wonder Woman that we see in the solo movie, uh, she's different. It's the coming of age story. It's, you know, about her becoming an adult, her journey from child to adult and understanding the complexities of life." Gal also talked about the team's dynamic in regards to the Justice League…

How Batman's Relationship With The Flash And Aquaman Will Play Out

One of the many fascinating tidbits that was explained during the Justice League set visits was that Batman’s relationship with the various members of the Justice League differs from person to person. Ezra Miller’s The Flash, for instance, is boisterous and full of glee at the prospect of joining a superhero team, and Affleck says that provides some fodder for humor when he’s interacting with the super-serious Batman:

“There’s a quality to really what Ezra [Miller] does that is young and fun and full of life, and excited about what they’re doing that’s so in contrast to who Batman is, there’s a little bit of that natural yin and yang to playing scenes with him. There’s not the ward aspect to it, but there’s a little bit of the mentor. Which you’d probably ask Ezra and he’d be like, ‘Fuck that! He’s not my mentor!’ But I think there is a little bit. And it’s fun to play, definitely. And what does Batman do around a guy who’s really excited and positive all the time? [laughs] You know w…

Snyder And Co. Talk BVS Reaction; A Tonal Shift For Justice League(?)

One of the many talked about points during the Justice League set visits was of course the reactions Batman v Superman had gotten, from that point of conversation spread to how Justice League will fair out as many feared that it would follow the same tone BvS had and would again spew out the same exact reaction. However it is for a definite that it will be different to an extent.

Audiences didn’t respond to Batman v Superman as positively as hoped and producer Deborah Snyder thinks it has something to do with their unique spin on these iconic heroes:

“I think the main thing we learned is that people don’t like to see their heroes deconstructed. [laughs] I think that’s hard because it’s people we’ve grown up with and that we care about. They like seeing them in all their glory.”
And while Justice League will indeed be a very different movie, Deborah Snyder maintains this was really the direction they planned to go all along:

“Listen, I think every film is a learning experience. Right? A…

The Justice League McGuffin - The Mother Boxes

During the Justice League set visit, Deborah Snyder revealed that there will be a prologue in the film that will attempt to get audiences acquainted with Mother Box technology, and Zack Snyder spoke a bit about Jack Kirby’s influence on some of the heavier sci-fi aspects of Justice League:

“You know, Kirby’s crazy in a great way, and there’s a lot of influence, you know, kind of the New Gods stuff, and we were digging on that — and that’s the Mother Boxes and that sort of Apokoliptian world and all that stuff. I mean, you can’t really do that stuff without some larger-than-life [influence]. But the kinda scope-y, sci-fi, what I think is fun stuff. I think inherently when you start to talk about… a bad guy that would justify the Justice League, not to make a thing, to “Double Justice,” but I think you have to have a good threat that’s fun and kinda crazy. And the Mother Boxes are always fun DC weird tech, you know?”
There are three Mother Boxes on Earth. One Mother Box is for the Amazo…

Suicide Squad Completed Plus Two Music Videos From The Album; Heathens + Sucker For Pain

Warner Bros and DC Films are doing something special for Suicide Squad in the form of creating a very unique and somewhat out of left field album, which includes many popular artist such as the ones who recently produced and released two music videos. Artists includes Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa with Imagine Dragons, and twenty one pilots. Others are included in the track list down below. 
Me personally I prefer the scores of films which in this case will be done by Oscar-Winning composer Steven Price which I can't wait to hear especially his Joker theme. But having said that I actually quite like these two songs, liking Heathens more than Sucker For Pain. Anyways here are their respective music videos that include snippets of new Skwad footage.
Sucker For Pain - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons(w/ Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors)

Heathens - twenty one pilots

Here's the track list for the album as well as the release date.

Release Date: Friday August 5th, 2016


How Ray Fisher Got Cyborg; Ezra His Best Bud On Set(?)

So another gem from the set visits of Justice League was how Ray Fisher, whose first real big break will be the film itself, got the part of Victor Stone, Cyborg. The following not also gives the aforementioned info but also a sense of how much him and Ezra are getting along filming this movie.

Q: So, can you tell us a little bit about how you won the role of Cyborg?  FISHER: I can, yeah. I was doing a play off Broadway back in 2013 –  Flash shows up.  EZRA MILLER: Hi, how you doing?
FISHER: I was regaling them of how I came to be.
MILLER: No, no no don’t do that. You’re doing origin stories? You’re not supposed to give them origin stories!
FISHER: No, an origin story of how I, as a person, came to be. [laughs]
MILLER: Get outta here, man.
FISHER: You guys know Ezra, right? I was in a play off Broadway playing Muhammad Ali at the New York Theatre Workshop three years ago now. And around the time, Ang Lee, one of his upcoming projects was a 3D boxing movie about Muhammad Ali and Joe F…

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Casts Their New Vixen

Variety has learned that for the upcoming sophomore season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow they have cast Maisie Richardson-Sellers as their new Vixen.

Now fans would note that there is already a Vixen played by Megalyn Echikunwoke, who headlines CW Seed’s animated “Vixen” series and appeared in live-action on “Arrow,” but unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts she was not available to shoot for the second season.

Instead Maisie will be playing the series regular role of Amaya Jiwe, the grandmother of the present-day Vixen, Mari McCabe played by the above Megalyn. Like her granddaughter, Amaya’s powers are derived from the mysterious Tantu Totem, which allows her to magically access the abilities of animals.

Also joining the show for Season 2 is Nick Zano, who was recently cast as Dr. Nate Heywood, a historian whose grandfather was the hero known as Commander Steel, a member of the Justice Society of America.

Richardson-Sellers is best known for her role as Eva Sinclair on fellow …

Chronicling The Justice League Set Visits - Ben, Zack, & Other Interviews

When press were invited over to London into the studio for Justice League there of course came a bunch of interviews that were in tandem with the already surplus of information we received, those interviews include the likes of Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder, Charles Roven, and Deborah Snyder. So the following are transcripts of those interviews with a bonus story on the costume department run by Michael Wilkinson so enjoy them.


On the fights scenes in BvS and whether that style will be used in JUSTICE LEAGUE. 
"We have the same guys who choreographed – who came up with those. I’d like to say it was my idea but I just do what they tell me. The same guys from visual fx to practical stunts. They come up with really creative, cool ideas – this is gonna be the same way I'll approach it when I'm directing, which is to say find a great stunt coordinator, great effect guys and stunt guys who can execute this stuff and put you in their hands and let them do i…