DC DELIGHTS #6: Clay Enos Shares BTS Images, Skwad Tickets, And More

So along with my FAN-MADE articles I also used to have, I would also have an article every now and again just briefly sharing some of things you may have missed in regards to DC, called "DC DELIGHTS." It would be weekly or bi-weekly depending on when and how much I need to catch up on!

For the return of DC DELIGHTS I will be showing some behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Clay Enos, the still photographer for DC Films, I will also be sharing when Suicide Squad tickets are available for pre-order, and some other stuff, so enjoy.

Just this past Friday Clay Enos took over EW's photo department Instagram account and boy did he share some goodies. He shared a lot from Suicide Squad like showing The Joker and Harley, Karen Fukuhara's Katana, supposedly Arkham Asylum, and a few more. He also gave us an old portrait he took for Watchmen. He ended his tenure as the account holder with our second Justice League set photo which includes Zack Snyder, DP Fabian Wagner, and a blurred out Gal Gadot. Feast your eyes down below!

Another awesome piece of DC news was the announcement of when the tickets for Suicide Squad are going on sale. Now for US and Canada they come out July 15th but for UK and Ireland I assume they go on sale this Tuesday! Respective Twitter accounts made the announcements:

Clay Enos wasn't the only person on Instagram to share some BTS photos, Henry Cavill shared a rather odd one showing him hovering above Ben for a scene of course:

And that'll wrap up this edition of DC DELIGHTS I hope you enjoyed, if you did share it. The next issue may be next Sunday, Friday, or whenever I decide to write it up, it all depends on how much DC news comes out. Either way it is probably best to follow my Twitter @ReelSMTV!

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