FAN MADE SUNDAY #1: Justice League, Man of Steel meets Batman V Superman, and more!

So before I went on my hiatus from all of this I, nearly every Sunday since I started this thing, would share some of the things I found online that's fan-made. I loved it, I believe that sharing creativity helps the brain keep on ticking. However I couldn't obviously keep it up when I took a break and with that being said I will from this Sunday will continue on doing this, with a slight change, the title. The original one was called "FAN STUFF SUNDAY," and for the most part I liked it but it didn't roll off the tongue well and so it has been changed to "FAN MADE SUNDAY," as it sounds better and makes the day be more creative.

Now with all the mumbo-jumbo boring part over, welcome to the first edition if you will of FAN MADE SUNDAY, and to kick it off we have a cracker of a first edition which includes a Justice League trailer, Man of Steel meets Batman V Superman, and more!

First up the trailer made by YouTube user Stu Whitten for Justice League, it is truly a hyper-active one with focus more on the visual and audio side of it. Enjoy it down below!

Secondly we have a fan-edit of scene spliced together from Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.
It is made by the user The Film Guy on YouTube, looking at it makes you have an epiphany of "so that's how they would be intertwined!"

The final video to share is from the seasoned trailer maker UltraSargent he has made a trailer for The Flash's third season with the full attention fixated on "Flashpoint."

Not only do we have some stellar trailer we also have a few pictures fan-made also. They are from the talented DeviantArt user GOXIII, he has made some Suicide Squad and Batman posters.

Batman: When Two Worlds Collide
Knightmare Bat
Batman and his enemies!

Now I hope you admire the work displayed and follow the people who have made them and show your appreciation. If you find any art you admire during the week or even now hit me up on Twitter @ReelSMTV I'll show them off in the next one!

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