FAN MADE SUNDAY #2: Speedsters, Game of Squad(?), And A Bit More!

So over the past week I've seen some nice fan made material I wanted to share this Sunday. From a Game of Thrones trailer akin to Suicide Squad to two speedsters running together, are a things I will share with you!

To kick off this edition of FAN MADE SUNDAY, I have a fairly spoiler filled trailer made by VG934 for Game of Thrones that's similar to Suicide Squad. Be warned there are spoilers so viewer discretion is advised.

Second to come up is a nice wallpaper if you will of Kid Flash and The Flash racing together made by Deviantart user GOXIII.

GOXII has also created a poster for American Psycho that has a Joker inspired twist in it!

Next up is a poster for Wonder Woman created by MessyPandas.
Finally we have some cartoon inspired drawings from Batman v Superman made by rymslm.

And that wraps up this edition of FAN MADE SUNDAY. Obviously I couldn't share all of the artists' work, so be sure to check out their other work by clicking on the links above. If you see anymore art during the week be sure to share them with me through my Twitter.


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