FAN-MADE SUNDAY #3: A DC Films Tribute, Flash Of Two Worlds, And A Bit More

So this edition of FAN-MADE SUNDAY will be a smaller one but hopefully a good one at best. Sorry for not having one last Sunday, just wanted to take a small break. But none the less for this one I will share a few things, namely a DC Films tribute and Flash of Two Worlds manip.

To start off lets looks at a small tribute made by Simon Colton on YouTube. It comes recent footage for Justice League with audio and other scenes from other DC Films movie. Ceck it down below!

Second to see is a manip of the two live action Flashes standing side by side made by GOXIII on DeviantArt.

Lastly we have a poster created by CAMW1N over at DeviantArt, which is the first look poster with a lengthened view and some added effects to certain superheroes!

Now again sorry for the length of this edition of fan made material but I hope you enjoyed looking at the art above and appreciated them.


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