SDCC '16: Composer Junkie XL On The Complexity Of The Justice League

A part from the visual aspects of superhero films there is the necessary part which is the accompanying score. Whether it is to lighten a scene or to add adrenaline to an action set piece, scores are needed to elevate a film to a somewhat emotional state. Many examples include the recent "Is She With You?" track from Batman v Superman score which added a high octane rush to seeing Wonder Woman, another is "Beautiful Lie" from the same film which increased the emotionality of seeing the death of Bruce Wayne's parents.

So scores are indeed an essential part of any film and Justice League will be no different, but having said that it comes with the same challenges of scoring. Junkie XL(Tom Holkenberg) the composer of the film was at the Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel at San Diego Comic-Con and was asked about these challenges:

“It is challenging and Hans [Zimmer] and I faced the same issue when we worked on Batman V Superman. Sometimes, every character has a specific theme, but sometimes you make a piece of music that captures the vibe of what’s going on. For Batman V Superman, we only picked Wonder Woman as a unique theme for her. But yes, it’s complicated. If you have six guys in one scene battling another guy and there’s 10,000 things going on at the same time, you’ve got to pick and choose. No matter how you look at it, the music is always supporting the film. It’s not music on its own, it’s always in support of what’s going on the screen.”

I can only imagine the roadblocks Junkie will face when creating the score for the film but I do agree with his rationale, in that it is better to do a complete set rather than making individual themes when you have so many moving parts involved. On the other hand he doesn't necessarily have to create so many themes when other composer will have their unique perspective on the heroes when films like Aquaman and The Flash go into production and their respective composers are selected. Now having said that Junkie will more than likely give some cues for each character as to differentiate between them like how Superman's one is more uplifting than Batman's brutal one.

Source: ScreenRant

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