Steven Price Discusses Suicide Squad Score Plus The First Track Released

EW had an interview with Suicide Squad composer Steven Price in which he discussed the inspiration for the score, some of his own history, and a little bit more. Water-Tower Music also released the first track from the film.

“Guitar was always my first love, and it was something I never really got into my writing work,” Price told EW about his Suicide Squad score, which features horns, strings, and guitars to make up its soundscape — a departure from the musical fare typically associated with superhero movies. “With this, the moment I saw it, there was something about the way it looks that made me feel like there was a sleazy ’70s sort of thing, and that made me think of David Bowie records, and Station to Station. I ended up doing a lot of stuff with feedback and guitar stuff that was bent out of shape. These things became part of the texture of the score, and when you start combining that with the orchestra, it started to feel like something a bit different.”

“There’s this neon quality to the whole thing,” Price says of the film. “When I started on the music, I was trying to work on what this blend of instruments would be that would have this swagger and this epic scale, but that would equally allow you to feel the relationships and how they developed in the film. It all had a sound to it that felt rough around the edges. I just kind of knew when I first saw it what it should sound like; it was just a matter of chasing that in the year that followed.”

Listen to what happens when the team squads up with the soundtrack’s lead song “Task Force X,” below.

Suicide Squad is out in theaters on Aug. 5; the Suicide Squad: Original Motion Picture Score will be available Aug. 8, and can be preordered starting Friday at iTunes and Amazon. See the full track list below.

1.     Task Force X
2.     Arkham Asylum
3.     I’m Going To Figure This Out
4.     You Make My Teeth Hurt
5.     I Want To Assemble A Task Force
6.     Brother Our Time Has Come
7.     A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards
8.     A Killer App
9.     That’s How I Cut and Run
10.  We Got A Job To Do
11.  You Die We Die
12.  Harley and Joker
13.  This Bird Is Baked
14.  Hey Craziness
15.  You Need a Miracle
16.  Diablo’s Story
17.  The Squad
18.  Are We Friends Or Are We Foes?
19.  She’s Behind You
20.  One Bullet Is All I Need
21.  I Thought I’d Killed You
22.  The Worst Of The Worst
23.  June Moone *
24.  Did That Tickle? *
25.  You Know The Rules Hotness *
26.  Enchantress In The War Room *
27.  Introducing Diablo and Croc *
28.  Task Force X Activated *
29.  Can Everyone See This Trippy Stuff? *
30.  I Promised My Friends *
* Available on digital configurations only

Source: EW

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