FAN MADE SUNDAY #4: The Mystical Dr. Strange, Justice Rocks, And More!

I've got a selection of pieces to show to you for the issue of FAN MADE SUNDAY, from the mystical Dr. Strange to the Justice League rocking, and to others as well, so enjoy this one!

MessyPandas took inspiration from the recent set photos of Justice League  and mocked up a first look, if you will, of the some members rocking out in their new band "Justice Rocks".

SilverLeon88 user from DeviantArt created a beautiful profile of Benedict Cumberbatch's Dr. Strange in a polychromatic colour scheme of black, grey, and white.
jonesyd1129 on DeviantArt made a poster for DC Films' Justice League that adds to the already released first look with a meteor shower, richer colour scheme, and slightly zoomed out look of the team.
nuttyisa88 artist produced a photo of the animated Joker in the same vein as Jared Leto's first look as The Joker.
And that about wraps up this issue of FAN MADE SUNDAY, I hope you can appreciate the above photos and send good words to the artist as well, if you want. As always if you see art during the week send my way on Twitter.


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