FAN MADE SUNDAY #5: Alex Ross' Justice League, Watchtower, And A Dark Tower Poster

Today, I have on display are some brilliant pieces by various users of the web. What's in store are some Justice League goodies, i.e. posters, manips, and an Alex Ross inspired masterpiece. There is also a Dark Tower poster beautifully made along with a "Death in the Family" inspired one-sheet. Enjoy the art ladies and gentlemen.

dan-zhbanov created a rather epic and unique one sheet for Justice League which has all the members along with Steppenwolf, the villain towering above them.

GBRIELGRY designed a poster for The Dark Tower, which is rich in colour and a beautiful landscape to stimulate the eyes.
MessyPandas mocked up a manip of the Justice League looking out from their Watchtower and seeing the Last Son of Krypton, Superman in the distance.
datrinti crafted a beautiful rendition of Alex Ross' Justice League but with the DC Films counterparts as the members, it is indeed a masterpiece in my view and is worthy of being displayed in the highest of galleries.
TheRedBatwoman made a sombre one sheet for a supposed "Death in the Family" Batman solo with Affleck's Batman assuming the iconic pose of cradling the deceased Robin. It is a beauty in my mind.
And so that concludes this week's FAN MADE SUNDAY, I hope you liked the art shown as much as I have. I hope that next Sunday is just as mesmerising.


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