FAN MADE SUNDAY #6: Justice League Weird & The Blackest Night

For this FAN MADE SUNDAY, I wanted to showcase some trailers instead of manips, photos, etc. So having said that this Sunday, I have a rather weird trailer for Justice League, that is sure to make you feel odd, and I have two The Blackest Night trailers, to which makes for an extraordinary fan trailer.

Aldo Jones on YouTube is known for making absurd versions of trailers for comic-book movies, and he made no exception for Justice League. He took the serious and humour to another level of eccentricity.

UltraSargent delved into making a trailer that is inspired by The Blackest Night storyline that is brilliantly done and is close to the par of bona fide trailers.

AListProductions in conjunction with Ultra, made another trailer for said storyline, and gave his own unique trailer.

And that concludes this edition of FAN MADE SUNDAY, hope you enjoyed the trailers and your week! Have a great one this week!


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