Jason Momoa In Talks For The Crow Reboot

So it appears that The Crow will never die as Jason Momoa, of Game of Thrones, Justice League, and soon Aquaman fame, has been reported to be in talks to play the titular character.

Mashable's Jeff Sneider reports that Momoa has been in talks and that they are factoring in his Aquaman duties.

Momoa posted on Instagram a picture of him with Corin Hardy, who is set to direct the reboot, with the caption:"The only way to officially seal the deal as men Is a pint of black beauty. @guinness #sealthedeal #wearemarriednowfucker. #greatnewstocome. #dreamjob #cantwaittotelltheworld ALOHA ED 👿😜" The Ed he's referring to is Ed Pressman, who will serve as producer for the reboot.

Here's a quick synopsis from Comic Vine about the main story:
Eric and his fiancée are on their way back from a romantic get-away, when their vehicle breaks down on a deserted road. A car full of gang members stops not to help but to take advantage of the couple's misfortune. They shoot Eric in the head paralyzing him while they rape and kill his fiancée in the car, Eric dying hours later in the hospital. A year later, resurrected by The Crow, Eric exacts vengeance on the men responsible for their deaths.

Source: Mashable

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