Stop Fighting - An Advice Piece

I wanted to speak my mind on the seemingly exponential problem in "fandoms" most notably the ones for comic-books and their derivatives, i.e. films and television programmes. The problem is the fighting between different factions be it in the Marvel side or DC side. There would be in essence a constant moment of bickering and shouting out profanities in the hopes of "winning" certain things. It is a systemic problem that shouldn't be as, not to get sanctimonious, there are bigger and more important issues at play in this one world we have.

Some of the arguments, to which I would've been a part of earlier in life, would be the classic "battle" of which is better DC or Marvel. Now from my perspective it looks as though it would be an exhausting amount of time to continue this fight as it boils down to personal preference like how people prefer X over Y, for example computers. Some people like using PC's rather than Macintoshes and if you are happy using one then someone using the other shouldn't be a big issue. However for a portion of fans of DC and Marvel, they can't rationalise why one would prefer the other no matter what.

Sadly though this has evolved into a what is more colloquially said, "flame wars," where two parties are reduced to insulting the opposing the side. It is a travesty among fans as rather being supportive of one another and being a rising tide to bring everything up fans have become degenerate beings with no respect for each other. They mock and ridicule to the point of being a disgrace to the collective of fans.

Is it DC or Marvel's fault for their fans acting this way? I feel that it partly is their fault. Most recently David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, recently got into trouble for blurting out "Fuck Marvel" at the film's world premiere in New York earlier this week. Now saying something like that would strike a nerve with fans of Marvel and causing delirium to ensue however thankfully Ayer clarified his comments and said that he was merely echoing a fan's words at the event. This would help ease the tension and to help bolster the ease Joe Quesada CCO of Marvel came out to calm down fans on Twitter.

Now I think what a lot of fans need to realise is that most of the time what goes on between the likes of Ayer and Marvel is all in good spirits and is just banter, no harm no foul type of dialogue. Sadly most tend to not realise that and begin to. as mentioned above, break into a "flame war".

My advice to all this is that both parties whether it be Marvel fans fighting amongst themselves what is the better TV series or DC fans bickering over who is the better Batman, rather being regressive to each other engage in a more meaningful conversation that would benefit both. I would also advise fans to take a breath and think before you start to type on your keyboard. Just try to be more supportive is what I'm trying to say here and if X is having fun and enjoying what they like don't be the person to interject and act rude and just plain mean, just leave them to their own devices.


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