All The 'Logan' News So Far; Plot Details And More

Hugh Jackman has one last hurrah as Wolverine in what is now been officially titled, Logan, and there has been some information released about the film. Firstly from TheWrap's Umberto Gonzalez, secondly from the film's director, and thirdly from an Instagram account.  

The film is set in the year 2024 and has a dark tone indeed, darker than that of other Wolverine films, this probably is a given due to the film having a "R" rating.

Logan, Wolverine, is old like "Old-Man Logan," old and is drinking hard. He drives a 2024 Chrysler 300 limo that looks modified in the front to look more futuristic. He’s sick, his powers are fading, and he heals much more slowly — and sometimes not at all.

James Mangold tweeted out the second page of the script, which says that Logan is “older” and that “it’s clear his abilities aren’t what they once were.” So Logan having problems with his powers is definitely confirmed.
In the poster above one can see a young girl's hand and Umberto goes on to say that she is indeed a mutant, who has two claws instead of Logan's three, and will be mentored by the old man himself. On the note of mutants, according to TheWrap in 2024 mutant birth is on the decline and no one knows why.

Lastly they go on to say that Professor X is old,, which is evident by the below picture posted by Mangold, and not well. His powers are unstable and at times he doesn’t even remember Logan. Stephen Merchant plays the Albino mutant Caliban, who helps Logan take care of Professor X.
Besides this report by TheWrap and Mangold himself, an Instagram account @wponx has popped up online posting some intriguing pictures that is sure to be for the film. First off is a bloody mess of a decapitated arm holding a shotgun, clearly the "aftermath" of an encounter a poor schmuck had with Logan. This gives more credence to the film's "R" rating.

A photo posted by @wponx on

Secondly is a picture of a sign for some facility, possible the weapon X one, in Spanish that roughly translates as “It’s forbidden by law to trespass or loiter in this area." The picture has a New Mexico vibe from the background to it as well. 

A photo posted by @wponx on

Lastly is the most intriguing photo that include a mysterious figure in the reflection of a pool of water near some motel, other than that there isn't a lot to go by in this.

A photo posted by @wponx on

Last news point is that it has been confirmed that the villain for this film is the infamous X-Men villain, Mister Sinister, or his human Nathaniel Essex, and his organisation ESSEX Corp.

Essex is a scientist who uncovered both the secret of the mutants’ existence and the genetic process that gave them their powers. Unfortunately, the unethical experiments he proposed to further investigate these mutations caused him to be exiled by society.

Along with the powers like super-strength and telekinesis, Sinister has the ability to implant the genes of other mutants into his own, allowing him to copy their powers.

Who will play him is the question, and what the consensus has been is that it will be Richard E. Grant, who was cast as the "mad scientist" type rather than Boyd Holbrook who was cast as being  “the head of security for a global corporation.”

Logan is directed by James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez.

Logan comes to theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: TheWrap - Mang0ld - wponx

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