Before It Airs Again: The Adventures Of 'Supergirl'

Kara Danvers returns to our silver screens tonight in the Supergirl's second season premiere called "The Adventures of Supergirl". It will see our superheroine team up with her cousin, Superman, and will re-introduce us to the world of the DEO, and so much more.

Check out the first look of the two Kryptonians here and a bunch more promotional material down below!

Trailers, Interviews and More:

The show's producers Andrew Kreisberg and Ali Adler had a recent chat with TVLine, in where they discussed some key points about the future of the show. Some of these points include Mon-El, what propels this season forward, who's teaching who a lesson, Superman or Supergirl, and finally the season's big bad!

On Mon-El:
Mon-El is actually from a sister world to Krypton. He’s from Daxam, so his powers aren’t quite at the same level as hers, but he’s long been associated with Superman and with Supergirl in the comics and he’s [both friend and foe in a way]. We’re putting our own spin on the character, which we always try to do, so that we’re not spoon-feeding direct mythology right out of the comic books. We’re trying to make it interesting for everybody, so we’re kind of excited about it.

The season's driving force:
There’s a chain of events that forces Superman and Supergirl to team up, and them getting to spend some time in each other’s lives, which they haven’t previously gotten to do. That’s sort of the engine that starts the season. And Project Cadmus, this evil organization dedicated to eradicating alien life on Earth, their two biggest targets are Superman and Supergirl.

On who teaches who a lesson:
Actually, I think you’ll be surprised to find it’s the opposite. Kara definitely teaches him, as well. This Supergirl — it’s her show, it’s her point of view — and we waited until she literally saved the earth to bring him on. Yes, he has more experience as Superman, but they both have a lot to teach each other.

The season's big bad:
Project Cadmus is going to be the Big Bad for the early part of the season, and then a new Big Bad will emerge that we want to keep on the down low.

And to finally wrap up the second to last edition of "Before It Airs Again" here's the synopsis for tonight's premiere:

THE CW HAS A NEW HERO AND SHE’S BRINGING SUPERMAN WITH HER — When a new threat emerges in National City, Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) teams up with her cousin, Clark Kent/Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin), to stop it. Kara is thrilled to have family in town but it leaves Alex (Chyler Leigh) feeling a bit left out. Meanwhile, Hank (David Harewood) and Supergirl are stunned by the pod that came crashing to Earth. Glen Winter directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Jessica Queller. Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT. New episodes start October 10 on The CW. The season two premiere will have an encore performance Friday night at 8 p.m.

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