Public Service Announcement; Suspect Everything... Unless It's Official Of Course!

So this isn't your typical article you would see on this site, well it's the first of its kind really. But I digress I wanted to speak about a certain problem that exist among fans of film and TV shows. The problem at hand is the gullibility of a lot of people. For example's sake, we'll take the below picture of a screen-capped tweet.
You will see that it comes from a Brazilian fan page of actor Stevem Yeun, who is a star in The Walking Dead TV show. The tweet in question is of a troubling kind, first off no links to reputable sources like sites that are of a high standard, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, or Deadline, or not just a reputable site, a link to say in this case Ben Affleck's Twitter or even Warner Bros.' site would suffice. Second there hasn't been any talk of any Robin showing up in Ben Affleck's Batman solo film the only official thing so far is Ben jokingly saying there might not be one in it but even by that no one should take any person's word. Third comes from a different angle the fans who follow the page, now some would be justifiably sceptical and wanting a link to a source however wherever there's a ying there is always a yang, in this case the gullible fan who believes anything that comes out of any fan page.

We have developed a culture whereby an average joe could blurt one thing and people run with it on their blog, site, or whatever. This has to stop immediately, so here a few things a fan should have in their mental checklist when they see "news" for a certain thing be it casting news or some plot points.
  1. Always check if the publisher of any post is a reputable person an example would be Justin Kroll, who works for Variety. If they are not a said reputable person check if they have provided a source, if they haven't its in your best interest to ignore it or better yet investigate it.
  2. If the source comes from a less than reputable outlet like for instance Reddit or 4Chan, it is not wise to believe in the post as anyone on those sites could easily use their imagination if you catch my drift.
  3. Even if the news comes from say Variety or any site like that one, wait, wait for say an actor or director to share the news. This one is on rare occasions but more often than not you can trust the reputable site in question.
Now I will say this, fan pages like the above Steven Yeun one should really know better and their admins should be more careful of what they post online especially if you have a huge following.

Hopefully I have educated some on this troubling topic in the many communities of film and TV shows, and this could transfer to other things like sports too.

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