'Bumblebee' Written By Christina Hodson Looks For Directors; Scribe Is Writing A DC Film

The Transformers franchise, after the billion dollar plus success of Age of Extinction, went the way of Marvel and DC by expanding its universe. Paramount Pictures set up a writers' room, to act as incubator for films, and one such writer was Christina Hodson.

Deadline are reporting that she wrote the script for a Bumblebee centric film recently and Paramount now actively sending it out to directors to make a 2018 release date.

This spin-off film will be the first of its kind in regards to this Transformers franchise, and will hopefully get released June 8, 2018, with the fifth film of the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, directed by Michael Bay and written by Ken Nolan, Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway, already being planned to release June 23, 2017.

Hodson has gained quite the rapport for female centric films having written for the Farren Blackburn-directed thriller Shut In and the Denise DiNovi directed erotic thriller Unforgettable. Hodson will also be credited for writing a reboot of The Fugitive for Warner Bros and producer Arnold Kopelson, a female-centric action epic for Nina Jacobson at Fox 2000, and a script for an untitled DC Films and Warner Bros.' property - my guess is the Harley Quinn / Birds of Prey film, produced by Margot Robbie.

Source: Deadline

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