Apple Inc. Working With The Likes Of Warner Bros. To Bring Films Faster To Homes

Apple Inc. are currently trying to work with some of the biggest Hollywood studios to bring movies much closer to your home in a quicker timeframe than the norm of three to four months after a film's cinematic release.

One of the studios Apple is trying to pair up with is Warner Brothers. Apple wish to offer a service, much like the Video-On-Demand service Netflix and others give, that would allow fans and people who might not be able to go to cinemas the chance to see films, while the hype for them is hot, in the comfort of their own homes.

This is something Apple is trying to develop to further their brand and pre-existing services like iTunes and so on. However there are roadblocks for this service to be fully realised, the biggest is the cinemas themselves. Cinemas and studios have a sort of pact between them that ensures that cinemas are the only outlet for people to see a film within a given time, in most cases it is three months, this is why Home Media releases are released at around the four month after cinema release. So for a VOD service that Apple are proposing to come to fruition that cinema to studio pact has to be altered, which might come to be an impossibility but things could change.

But if this service is put in place soon and is working like a well oiled machine, one could find yourself watching the likes of say Justice League only a few days after it has been released in theatres.

Source: Bloomberg

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