The Possible Line-Up For DC Films' Slate After 2017

With this year proving to be a trying time for DC Films with what they received from critics and some fans regarding their films, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, many would grow anxious of what the future may hold for this franchise. But if certain cards are played right we could be seeing the dawn of a beneficial and reward-filled time for not only the studio but also fans.

Coming out next year in regards to the DC Extended Universe are the films of Wonder Woman and Justice League, both are more or less finished a part from a few months here and there for post-production and some additional photography. And with both receiving some retooling and rewriting both seem to be in top form come their respective release dates. So what can fans expect afterwards?

It appears that come 2018 we could have a line-up of films that include Gotham City Sirens, The Batman, and Aquaman. The last two confirmed for a 2018 release from multiple people working close to the projects with the first film being having a potential 2018 date.

Let's rundown that list...
Ben Affleck's The Batman has been confirmed to begin production in March/April of next year, and has the early stages of production - casting and final rewrites on the script - already in motion. With an estimate of 65 to 70 weeks of production for the film and no matter if it began in March or April, The Batman is definitely aiming a July 2018 date, even with post-production and marketing taking place. So we will indeed see the Caped Crusader again in 2018.
Looking at Aquaman, directed by James Wan, while it originally having that July 2018 date was pushed back to October of 2018, to allow Wan to work more on the effects heavy film. So even with a hefty post-production in the near future it and with the principal photography starting early next year in January/February and a trip to Italy in September it too will make its 2018 date.
Now for Gotham City Sirens, recently announced to be directed by David Ayer, it appears Warner Brothers and DC Films wish to have that come in 2018 as their are fast tracking the project. Having this film in 2018 will sort of fill the void that The Flash made when being pulled from its release date. Hughes suggest a date similar to Suicide Squad in August, just after Affleck's Bat solo film. Now Hughes does say that having it come out in 2018 may not become a reality and could in fact come out in 2019, but only time will tell. Also the film will, as Hughes believes, have not only Harley Quinn in it but also Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and possibly some cameos from Batman and The Joker, this seems a likely potentiality.
In addition to all of this the following year, 2019, will more than likely have The Flash, if a director hasn't been found in time for a 2018 date. 2019 could also have the sequel to Suicide Squad.

Source: Forbes

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