Twitter Making It Easier For Users To Live-Stream

After more than year of having Periscope as a part of its company, Twitter has now streamlined the live broadcasting capabilities it has. The micro-blogging company have updated their application to allow users to "go live" within the app itself.

Twitter announced that within the app, be it for an Android or Apple devices, users can go broadcasting by simply composing a new tweet, go press the "live" button, then frame up you shot and press the "Go Live" button to start broadcasting.

via Mashable
For some this might seem as a sign of not only streamlining the process of going live but also streamlining the company, but it has been said that the livestreaming capabilities are powered by Periscope and that it is more of a move to generate more users making livestreams.

Speaking to Mashable Sara Haider, senior manager of software engineering at Twitter said, "What this integration allows is for you to  leverage the audience you have on Twitter. For a lot of folks, who haven't taken the time to build their audience graph on Periscope, but have spent years investing in their audience graph on Twitter, this allows them to leverage all of their followers on Twitter without having to create a new graph."

Source: Mashable - Twitter

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