Ben Affleck Will Be Taking His Time To Make 'The Batman'

Warner Bros/ Justice League
Ben Affleck, the actor to be Batman for the foreseeable future, will also be directing a solo film revolving around the character. Since he was cast it was whispered that he would one day take up the mantle of a directing position in a Batman solo film, and since then it has been confirmed time and time again that he will indeed direct that very film.

Not only does he have directing duties for the film, on top of acting, will also be writing and producing the film. Sunday he gave an update on his writing role for the film.

Speaking to The Guardian, Affleck, when asked about directing the solo film, replied, "That’s the idea. But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it."

Now don't fret at the thought of the film not having a script, Affleck could've meant a complete script, as he is still writing away. Also it should be noted that given his relatively new status as a well established and well equipped director, the folks over at Warner Brothers won't force him to rush a film, they will more than likely give him ample time to fully develop the film.

It should also be said that he isn't writing the film alone, as Geoff Johns has a hand in the script, so the pressure is not all on Affleck. In the meantime, let's look forward to this year with Zack Snyder's Justice League and Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

The Batman is written by Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns, directed by Ben Affleck, and stars Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, Batman,  Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, JK Simmons, who plays Commissioner Gordon, and Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke.

Source: The Guardian


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