'Suicide Squad' Helmer, David Ayer Pens Open Letter About Criticisms

Many see directors of films, television shows, or of any medium as people with a somewhat higher stature than most folks, but they seem to mostly forget that directors are just like the rest of us, storytellers.

That said, directors and other filmmakers get more criticisms than what a normal person would get for saying a story they were involved in. David Ayer is among those filmmakers, having made last year's Suicide Squad he has gotten quite a lot of critiques thrown his way for the feature. With the film getting a less than desirable rating on critic sites and the online community voicing their opinions, Ayer has received the full force of this and has now talked about the overall response from the film.

Taking to his Twitter account, Ayer posted an open letter of sorts noting that he is still an avid fan of making films and DC Comics and will make it right by giving characters the plots they deserve next time, which will more than likely be Gotham City Sirens.

Source: David Ayer


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