Director J.A. Bayona Wishes To One Day Make A Superman Film

While on a Reddit AMA, director J.A. Bayona revealed that he wishes to make a Superman film one day.

Bayona, currently working on the sequel to Jurassic World, said during the Ask Me Anything session that watching the Reeve's film was his inspiration to become a filmmaker furthering to say that he would like to make a film about the Man of Steel.

"The first movie I saw in my life was Superman," Bayona said. "I was three years old. The first memory I had was Christopher Reeve flying in the suit. Directing a Superman film would be great. I always wanted to be Superman. That's the film that made me want to become a director."

Currently a sequel to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel is with no immediate release date and is in development along with a bevy of other DC films. Hopefully one day we will get that sequel, if Bayona is directing, well good luck to him and make a solid one.

Source: r/IAmA


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