Further Evidence Suggest That John Cleese Is Set To Joins DC Films

John Cleese, for those who don't know is a famed comic and actor most notable act was being a member of the British comedian crew, Monty Python, and may indeed be seen in a future DC film.

There is new evidence to suggest that he will show up in such a film. Previously Cleese got folks, like me, speculating that he is joining the DC Extended Universe after following Zack Snyder, director of Justice League and Ben Affleck, who plays the current film version of Batman. Given that this has been proven to be some inclination that someone was to join up with DC Films, it got fans thinking, but no real word has been spoken by both Cleese and DC, however the new evidence suggest that he is partnering with DC Films.

Taking to Twitter, Cleese shared a photo of him in his dressing room, but more importantly showed us a clue that he is being added to the DCEU actor roster.

Looking at his table one can find, a few DC Comics, some of which pertain to Batman, so with this, one can feel a sense of confirmation that he is indeed being cast as someone, seeing as though it would seem odd for him to have such comics if it weren't to play a role. The real question now is, who is he playing and which film will be involved in?

Source: John Cleese


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