Brie Larson Talks Up 'Captain Marvel'; Discusses Marvel Studios' Secrets

Back in July last year, Marvel Studios made an announcement that Brie Larson was set to play Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Larson will likely appear in Avengers: Infinity War and is set to star in her own standalone film, Captain Marvel. Since July the actress has been relatively quiet on her role, but due to her now doing press for her new film, Kong: Skull Island, we have been given some details.

When speaking to Collider, the actress was asked about how her character in the monster film has been reconfigured to not be the classic heroine figure. "It was to turn this allegory on its head, a little bit," Larson explained. "We’re in a different time right now, and I think we’re ready to see a different type of female hero. What’s interesting about Weaver is that she’s strong and she’s tough, but she’s sensitive. That’s her strength. She’s using her heart and her humanity to actually save all of them, in the end. It doesn’t take all of this running around, brute force, explosions and guns. It just took having the simplest connection. That’s what saved their lives. I think that’s an incredible message."

She was then asked if some her characters traits will be transferred on to her Marvel counterpart. "For me, I believe that just seeing women be strong and tough is not answering the question of what a female hero looks like," Larson said. "Women have their own set of skills that are worth exploring and seeing on screen. I feel like it’s too easy to just say, “We’ll just change the name of this male character to a female, but have her do all the same things that a male does.” I don’t believe in that. I think there’s something else. I think there’s more to women than that. Mason (in Kong: Skull Island) is a great example of that, and Captain Marvel will be another great example of that and of exploring deeper how women lead and how that is different and unique."

Moving from talking about her character, Larson in a separate interview with her Skull Island co-star Tom Hiddleston, was asked if her and Hiddleston might appear together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saying, “I feel like I can’t even make a facial expression. I’m scared to even make a face or not make a face, either way, the internet’s going to freak out. Don’t freak out at me (laughs).”

Following up on the secrecy surrounding Marvel Studios projects, Larson went on about her first experience with it recalling, “I think people, and I don’t know, with my very brief experience, my main experience was at ComicCon with the announcement, and I was backstage in the holding area, chatting. I was out of my mind like ‘I’m talking to Tilda Swinton, I’m talking to the new Spider-Man, I’m so amazed’, and all of them were like ‘So what movie are you here for? Are you like lost, or are you supposed to be in a different hall?’ I was like ‘Oh no, I’m like part of this now, surprise!’ and none of them knew. So I think that says something to like just what’s happening behind all of this that it’s magical. I feel like I’ve fallen down this magical hole of mystery that I don’t know what’s happening.”

Captain Marvel will be written by Meg LaFauve and Nicole Perlman, and is set for a March 8, 2018 release date.

Source: Collider - SiriusXM


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