Disney Eyeing Jared Leto For 'Tron' Reboot

Walt Disney is rebooting The Grid as they are in the early phases of creating a reboot of TRON with the Oscar Winning actor in talks.

While a writer or even a director is not attached to the project, Justin Springer, who co-produced TRON: Legacy, will produce. The hope is to have Leto and his producing partner, Emma Ludbrook, have a producing role, in some capacity, in the project if it moves forward.

THR's sources report that the reboot will be a reconfigured version of the derezzed TRON 3 script, with Leto starring as Ares, a character that has not been shown on screen before but had a substantial role in the script.

The TRON franchise begun with the 1982 Jeff Bridges-starring TRON, that followed the story of Kevin Flynn(Bridges) who became trapped in a cyber-world filled with deadly endeavours. At the time of its release it was extremely impactful in the visual effects world of Hollywood.

A follow up to that film, TRON: Legacy, was released in 2010, that starred Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn, who also returned in the film along with a new character called Quorra played by Olivia Wilde. The film was directed by Joseph Kosinki. While it made $400 million in box office returns, it never got the go ahead for a sequel.

It is unclear if Kosinki and his stars from Legacy will return, in some capacity, for this reboot.

Source: THR


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