Marvel Studios Sets January 2018 Shoot Date For 'Captain Marvel'

One of the many Marvel Studios films that is coming out in the next few years is Captain Marvel, their first female-led superhero feature.

With having two female writers, Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman, penning the script and a star in Brie Larson set to play Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, the studio has been slowly getting the engine fired up for the film to be made.

While a director has not been attached as of now, it looks like the studio has plotted a shoot date and location for the film, which comes out March 8, 2019, as My Entertainment World has updated their listing for the project.

It looks like the filming will take place in January of next year at the Pinewood Studios in Atlanta - a commonplace for many Marvel Studios films. Note that dates and location could change at any point in the future but this could be all set in stone.

Source: My Entertainment World


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