Dwayne Johnson Is Going On A 'Jungle Cruise' For Disney

The Rock is doing double duty for the upcoming Disney flick Jungle Cruise as a producer and actor.

Under his Seven Bucks Production banner with Dany Garcia, co-CEO of the production company, are teaming up with Disney to make Jungle Cruise, a live-action adaptation of Disney's iconic theme park ride. The actor has found space in his busy schedule to squeeze the film's production for a spring 2018 date.

An occurring creative partner of Johnson's, Beau Flynn, who worked on San Andreas, is in talks to produce via his Flynn Picture Co. shingle.

Jungle Cruise is one of the Disneyland’s original rides and takes park-goers on a journey through a range of leafy settings such as Africa’s Nile and Congo rivers as well as South America’s Amazon.

A director for the project is being actively sought after. J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay wrote the most recent draft for the film, which has had Johnson attached since 2015, but was still in development and was going through multiple drafts of scripts so the actor had time to film other projects like Central Intelligence and the re-imagining of Jumanji. Now with the script setting in the stone, Johnson was able to add it to his schedule.

The muscle-bound actor has a few projects coming up like filming Rampage, New Line’s creature feature video game adaptation, later this spring. Skyscraper, a high-rise adventure flick, shooting in China late summer and autumn. To round out the year, Johnson will promote Jumanji in the month of December, and will then have Jungle Cruise as next item on the check-list.

Source: THR


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