Doctor Doom Film Being Developed By Noah Hawley For Fox

At the tail end of FX's San Diego Comic Con panel for their widely-loved series, Legion, showrunner Noah Hawley revealed is has something to work on in the future.

"Two words," he said. "Doctor. Doom."

Sources via The Hollywood Reporter have come forward to tell that Hawley is developing a film that will centre around the notorious Marvel Comics villain, Doctor Doom. This has been seen as a way for 20th Century Fox to revitalise the Fantastic Four brand on the big screen.

The overall cinematic franchise revolving Marvel's superhero family has been not the best, receiving less than typical praise and box office numbers from the numerous outings be them the Tim Story films of the late noughties to the most recent 2015 reboot from Josh Trank. Fox has been in a rough patch when it comes to bringing the iconic group on to the big screen, this Doctor Doom project could be the needed spark to light a successful franchise.

No further details have been reported nor released, via official sources, about this new film.

For those who don't know, Doctor Doom - real name Victor Von Doom - is a next level genius who is also the Latverian monarch, Doom has powers due to knowing vast amounts of magical curses and scientific understandings. Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbel played the villain in the Story films and Trank reboot respectively. 

Source: THR


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