'Lord Of The Rings' Lawsuit Settled; Warner Bros. & Tolkein Estate Plan The Future

After five years of courtroom drama, Warner Bros. and the J.R.R Tolkein Estate have settled a $80 million rights dispute that revolved around works of fiction like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

In a statement from both the studio and estate said that, “the parties are pleased that they have amicably resolved this matter and look forward to working together in the future.”

Further details about the deal have not been made available. But one can assume that there are plans to expand the cinematic side of the Rings lore.

The original lawsuit was issued in November 2012 by Tolkein's Estate and the publisher HarperCollins against Warner Bros., and its subsidiary studio, New Line Cinema as well as the Rings/Hobbit rights-holder Saul Zaents Co., Middle Earth enterprises divison, on the grounds of copyright infringement and breach of contract regarding video games, online slot machines and other forms of digital merchandising.

Source: Deadline


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