Gal Gadot To Join Up With Bradley Cooper In 'Deeper'

After coming off a glorious success from this year's Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has become a sought after actress, and now the actress is making a move.

The move, if talks go well, is to join Metro-Goldwyn Meyer's Deeper, a drama that will also have Bradley Cooper. The film's plot revolves around a disgraced astronaut, who wishes to explore the deepest point on Earth at a newly discovered oceanic trench. Ensuing events puts the astronaut in exponential danger that sees him face a fight on two fronts - psychological and physical - against mysterious forces.

Max Landis penned the script of the film, that will be directed by Kornel Mundruczo. Producing will be done by Landis with David Goyer, a collaboration of Phantom Four and Addictive Pictures. Kevin Turen for Phantom 4 and Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder for Addictive are also producing.

Gadot can soon be seen in cinemas when Zack Snyder's Justice League comes out in November.

Source: Deadline


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